SOLAS Chapter II-1 : Construction - Structure, subdivisions and stability, machinery and electrical installations

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Regulation 1

Describes the ships that are applicable.

Regulation 2


Regulation 3-2

Mandates that all oil tankers and bulk carriers constructed on or after 1 July 1998 to have its sea water ballast tanks to have an efficient corrosion prevention system, such as hard protective coatings or equivalent. Recommends the coating to be of light color.

Regulation 3-3

Mandates every oil tanker, chemical tanker, and gas carrier constructed on or after 1 July 1998 to have means to enable the crew to gain safe access to the bow even in severe weather conditions.

Regulation 3-4

Mandates that an emergency towing arrangement be fitted at both ends onboard every tanker greater than 20,000 TDW, constructed on or after 1 January 1996. For tankers constructed before that, such an arrangement shall be fitted on the first scheduled dry-docking after 1 January 1996 but no later than 1 January 1999.