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Welcome to MarineWiki,
the definitive Marine Encyclopedia that experts edit.
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MarineWiki is our ambitious initiative to aggregate the extensive know how of our network of professionals in the Marine Industry. This encyclopedia of the Marine Industry will serve as a reference for students as well as practicing professionals.


An attempt has been made to cover all the aspects of Naval architecture, Marine Engineering, and Shipping in this site through various sub-sections.

  • TIME LINE - a detailed account of the history of ships and shipping
  • SHIPS - all the kinds of ships and vessels are described
  • GENERAL INFO - Information about the marine industry
  • GREATS - to facilitate all aspiring Naval Architects and Marine engineers to get inspiration, this section contains the biography of some leading lights

  • SHIPPING - a description of shipping industry
  • OFFSHORE - the industry and its description

  • SHIP DESIGN - a detailed description of the design of various types of ships
  • SHIP CONSTRUCTION - a detailed description of the construction of ships from scratch
  • SHIP REPAIR - description of ship repair after delivery in drydock as well as out of it
  • SHIP CONVERSION - describes various conversion process

  • INSPECTIONS - our experiences as an owners representative at new shipbuilding projects

  • PROJECTS - a list of interesting projects and a walk through the creation process

One last word. If you feel that you have benefited from the information provided, please make sure that you share some of your knowledge to others through this site.


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We are indebted to our sponsors for providing us funds to cover the hosting charges for the site so as to keep this service free. Our sponsors include:


Navgathi, our main patron, have compiled all the empirical formulas and made an iOS app to assist naval architect and designers in the initial stage of ship design. This app, called XShip Empirical is the first module and is available as a free download.

XShip Empirical in App Store

They hope to release in other platforms soon. Other modules for Resistance, Propulsion etc. is also under development. Hope to get some feedback and reviews from the users here.

File:Xship iphone1.png