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Hull Structure


Stern tube

In drydock, for normal sealing system, the wear down gauge reading or poker gauge reading is taken. This is also the Stern tube wear down inspection.


Cavitation damage

The propeller is also cleaned of barnacles, usually by high pressure washing. If there is suspect of damage, then dye penetration test is done. If damage is found (either cavitation or other reason), then the propeller needs to be repaired by either weld repair or applying belezona tape.

In case of the weld repair, first the propeller has to be cleaned and grinding done. Then the bronze welding is done. After that, propeller grinding is done to make the surface smooth. Next the dye penetration test is done to verify.

Hull Piping

Hull Outfitting

Some of the standard inspections for the hull outfitting include

Anchor chain calibration

The classification societies accepts a diminution of the chain thickness up to 12%. If it is more than that, then those links have to be replaced.