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The history of ship building goes to the early days of human civilization. The early huma settlements were along the rivers. These rivers also proved to be a means fo transporation of goods, and boats were made mainly for these.

All the great ancient civilizations: Saraswati-Sindhu civilization in India along the the now extinct Sarswati river and its tributaries and Sindhu(Indus) and its tributaries; Egyptian civilization along the Nile river; Mesopotomai civilization along the Euphrates and Tigris rivers; Chinese civilization along the Hwang Ho (Yellow river); were also great maritime traders.

18th Century

  • 1712 - Thomas Newcomen develops a rudimentary steam engine

19th Century

  • 1807 - Clermont, the first commercially successful use of steam marine propulsion
  • 1837 - Introduction of screw propeller
  • 1886 - GLUCKAUF, first oil tanker of modern design
  • 1897 - Turbinia, by Sir Charles A. Parsons, achieve a speed of 34 knots

20th Century

  • 1955 (Jan 17) - Nautilus, first Nuclear propulsion submarine


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